Pose Recognition Unity SDK

This was another Unity Plugin SDK project for iOS and Android, but with particular emphasis on optimisation.

Nexus Studios were using Tensorflow in an AR dance game to track player’s movements and apply particle effects as they moved. For this to perform well, data needed to be sent to Tensorflow and the resulting pose data retrieved back as quickly as possible – otherwise the effects would be out of sync with the player movement.

This involved optimising the AR image pipeline, the C# to native interop, image manipulation within Tensorflow itself, and delivering the data back to my C# API for the game to use.

Lone Wolf AR

Lone Wolf was a unique (at the time) location-based AR game, released to tie in with a new Lone Wolf book release at a Comicon event in Lucca, Italy.

Written in Unity for iOS and Android, using Vuforia for AR, the game presents a map of the local vicinity, showing the first location where the game begins. Alongside location tracking, we also used image recognition as a backup trigger for the in-game events.

The game guides you through the city, fighting monsters and solving puzzles, being ultimately rewarded by entering into a free prize draw.