Looking for advisory roles

I’m looking to get in touch with various investment funds, offering myself as a technical expert / CTO, either on an ad-hoc advisory basis, or as a non-exec to help direct the company and be a safe pair of hands that investors can trust in.

If that sounds interesting, or you know someone that’s looking for such a beast, then please get in touch! Thanks 🙂

Nintendo Switch Porting Ahoy!

Just taken delivery of two Switch developer kits, thanks to the lovely people at Cultivator. First job will be to port Deathtrap Dungeon, but I’m also looking for Switch porting contracts. I spent half an hour getting Cannonball Bingo to run on it, being a fairly recent Unity project.

So if you’re looking to release your game on Switch, let me know!

Another website!

Welcome to my latest web site! There’s still a lot of work to do on the Portfolio, but for now it represents a good spread of work going back 10 years or so; I’ll add the other twenty years worth as and when 🙂