Experiments with SkyQ

In partnership with Flavourworks and Sky, I worked on a number of R&D projects with a view to get FW’s Erica game playable on Sky’s Q set top box. This had a number of challenges, as Erica requires seamless transitions between video sequences and playback of multiple transparent videos.

I really enjoy trying to get hardware to do something it’s not meant to do, and learned all about various alternative JavaScript video playback engines, video caching, WebRTC, and more about the complexities of video codec encoding parameters than I really needed to know 🙂

Deathtrap Dungeon: The Interactive Video Adventure

Forming Branching Narrative with Matt Spall, we spent 18 months developing this game together, with the infamous Stoo Cambridge providing graphics and UI.

The game is entirely written in JavaScript, contained within bespoke native code wrappers. This enables us to publish as native apps on PC, Mac, iOS, Android and console; even allowing an online streaming version, which we use as a playable demo directly on branching narrative.com.

We’re planning on releasing more Fighting Fantasy titles with a variety of actors in the future.

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Harlem Globetrotters Trick Shots

Trick Shots appears at first to be a simple shoot-the-hoops game, but soon you find each of the 40 levels has been fine tuned so you have to bounce the ball off just the right point on a wall; use fans to blow the ball to just the right place to hit a switch, or precisely time your shot to avoid a moving obstacle.

I partnered with First Post Studios, who provided the design layouts and quite unique graphical style, to initially produce the game for iOS and Android. I then worked with Samsung, to create a special version using their S-Pen, and later develop a new version using JavaScript to form a launch game for their Tizen platform.