MARS Lightgun Unity SDK

Another Unity native code Plugin project – this time across PC, PS4 and XBone! As well as developing the cross-platform C# plugin SDK, I had to also develop the underlying native console device drivers, delivering USB data from the MARS hub up to the C# SDK for parsing, resulting in Unity-friendly events and delegates.

National Museum of Quatar: Interactive Touchscreen Wall

This project is available to visit and see at the National Museum of Quatar – it’s a huge wall of interconnected screens, projecting a visual and interactive history of the country and its culture.

Starting out as a JavaScript project, I had to rewrite it in C++ using the wall/screen manufacturer’s bespoke SDK, as the JS version wasn’t performing smoothly enough.


Headcaster was a next-generation messaging app for iOS and Android, allowing you to deliver animated, lip-synced messages via a variety of characters – ranging from cute kittens, through to the zombied reincarnation of Margaret Thatcher. Celebrities use the app too – notably Stephen Fry and Rio Ferdinand – to deliver podcasts via custom made caricatures of themselves.

We also developed a desktop version for broadcast purposes, for a series of short satirical pieces for BT Sport. This allowed for camera movements, green backgrounds and multiple characters.

We developed this over 18 months using Unity, with myself as CTO overseeing a team of six coders and 4 artists whilst developing native code plugins for video sharing. Challenges included building a patented lip sync system which worked across all languages, and building a server architecture able to withstand spikes in traffic from Rio tweeting a headcast to his 7 million followers.


Playora is an iOS and Android app allowing you to play PC or Flash games on a phone/tablet, or stream content from a PC or phone/tablet to a Smart TV.

Challenges included low-latency video encoding, so games could be played without any noticable lag, and DLL injection coding, effectively hijacking a game or app’s visual and audio output from within the app itself, rather than simply recording the screen.

Squeeballs Party

Squeeballs Party is a collection of fun, novel games designed to make use of the Nintendo Wii’s controllers, and proprietary controllers for PS3 and XBox360.

My task was to rewrite some of the games to form a cut-down release for first-generation iPhones, using Unity. This involved remaking all the 3D models and animations, whilst keeping the game true to the original.