Looking for advisory roles

I’m looking to get in touch with various investment funds, offering myself as a technical expert / CTO, either on an ad-hoc advisory basis, or as a non-exec to help direct the company and be a safe pair of hands that investors can trust in.

If that sounds interesting, or you know someone that’s looking for such a beast, then please get in touch! Thanks 🙂

Nintendo Switch Porting Ahoy!

Just taken delivery of two Switch developer kits, thanks to the lovely people at Cultivator. First job will be to port Deathtrap Dungeon, but I’m also looking for Switch porting contracts. I spent half an hour getting Cannonball Bingo to run on it, being a fairly recent Unity project.

So if you’re looking to release your game on Switch, let me know!

Another website!

Welcome to my latest web site! There’s still a lot of work to do on the Portfolio, but for now it represents a good spread of work going back 10 years or so; I’ll add the other twenty years worth as and when 🙂

Accurat Unity Plugin SDK

Another Unity plugin project – I seem to get a lot of these! – exposing native iOS and Android libraries to Unity and constructing a C# friendly SDK around them.

This project was initially problematic, as both libraries inherited a huge number of Google libraries, leading to conflicts and linking problems. Not only that, the underlying libraries’ kept updating with behaviour changes, so what started out as a simple three week contract lasted about a year!

Experiments with SkyQ

In partnership with Flavourworks and Sky, I worked on a number of R&D projects with a view to get FW’s Erica game playable on Sky’s Q set top box. This had a number of challenges, as Erica requires seamless transitions between video sequences and playback of multiple transparent videos.

I really enjoy trying to get hardware to do something it’s not meant to do, and learned all about various alternative JavaScript video playback engines, video caching, WebRTC, and more about the complexities of video codec encoding parameters than I really needed to know 🙂

Deathtrap Dungeon: The Interactive Video Adventure

Forming Branching Narrative with Matt Spall, we spent 18 months developing this game together, with the infamous Stoo Cambridge providing graphics and UI.

The game is entirely written in JavaScript, contained within bespoke native code wrappers. This enables us to publish as native apps on PC, Mac, iOS, Android and console; even allowing an online streaming version, which we use as a playable demo directly on branching narrative.com.

We’re planning on releasing more Fighting Fantasy titles with a variety of actors in the future.

Buy it now!

Pose Recognition Unity SDK

This was another Unity Plugin SDK project for iOS and Android, but with particular emphasis on optimisation.

Nexus Studios were using Tensorflow in an AR dance game to track player’s movements and apply particle effects as they moved. For this to perform well, data needed to be sent to Tensorflow and the resulting pose data retrieved back as quickly as possible – otherwise the effects would be out of sync with the player movement.

This involved optimising the AR image pipeline, the C# to native interop, image manipulation within Tensorflow itself, and delivering the data back to my C# API for the game to use.

MARS Lightgun Unity SDK

Another Unity native code Plugin project – this time across PC, PS4 and XBone! As well as developing the cross-platform C# plugin SDK, I had to also develop the underlying native console device drivers, delivering USB data from the MARS hub up to the C# SDK for parsing, resulting in Unity-friendly events and delegates.

National Museum of Quatar: Interactive Touchscreen Wall

This project is available to visit and see at the National Museum of Quatar – it’s a huge wall of interconnected screens, projecting a visual and interactive history of the country and its culture.

Starting out as a JavaScript project, I had to rewrite it in C++ using the wall/screen manufacturer’s bespoke SDK, as the JS version wasn’t performing smoothly enough.