I’m a Games Industry veteran; problem solver, curious and meticulous engineer, natural team builder and leader. I’ve been specifying, developing and delivering interactive content since 1981.

I’ve a portfolio of over 100 titles representing a plethora of AAA brands and clients, along with in-house original IP. I pioneered Java games development, released the world’s first multiplayer Java game (showcased by Sun worldwide), pioneered 3D multiplayer games across NTL’s set top box network, working at board level, and specialise in working with low-spec devices or devices for which entertainment isn’t their primary focus.

Alongside games, I’ve also developed software across all platforms: financial trading bots, Ethereum dapps, low-latency interactive streaming services, health and wellbeing apps. I keep abreast of the latest tech, with recent projects involving VR, AR and ML; the most notable being specifying an outdoor multiplayer World of Warcraft-style system, involving 2,500 players wearing AR goggles, across a 60 acre site.

I’m a Remote Working advocate, working from home and running remote teams since 1998. I’m comfortable with start-ups, having set up and grown many successful companies, valued up to £36m. Managed up to 30 in-house staff and up to 8 remote project teams concurrently.

My client list includes 3, Channel 4, Channel 5, American Express, BBC, BMW, Disney, Daily Mirror, EA, Harlem Globe Trotters, JCDecaux, Manchester United, Motorola, Nokia, NTL, Samsung, Sky, Sony, Vodafone, and Warner Bros.


• Setting up, growing and managing tech companies and tech teams

• Tech project specification, resource planning and management

• Evaluating emerging and existing tech, and strategic tech / tech partner planning

• C-level management and reporting

• Remote working management

• Implementing standards and best practices


• JavaScript, Canvas, Pixi – since 2010

• Node.js, mongoDB, Docker, AWS, Google Cloud – since 2018

• Unity – since 2007

• Unity Native Plugins – PC, Mac, iOS, Android, PS4, XBone – since 2010

• iOS – Swift, Objective-C – since 2007

• Android – Java, C, Kotlin, NDK – since 2010

• C#, C++, C – since 2002, 1994, 1986

• Java – J2SE, J2ME, Applet – since 1996

• PHP, mySQL, LAMP – since 2002

• Git LFS, Mercurial, Svn, CVS, SourceSafe

• App Stores submissions – since 2008

• MT4 Forex trading bots – since 2006

• Betfair & Smarkets betting bots – since 2015