I’m what’s politely termed an “Industry Veteran”, someone that’s built leading-edge games and tech businesses, fantastic teams, and managed them for the most part remotely. I feel that you can’t effectively lead and innovate without getting your hands dirty yourself; so I’m still actively developing games, apps and tech, using a wide variety of languages, frameworks and tools.

I’ve been doing this since 1981, with a portfolio of over 100 titles including AAA brands and blue chip companies, along with in-house original IP. A quick history:

1990s: Pioneered Java games development, developed and released the world’s first multiplayer Java game, followed by a number of technological breakthroughs including 3D set-top box games, online pay-per-play games, a multiplayer server solution, customised Internet browsers and direct-to-desktop marketing technologies.

2000s: Developed and published mobile phone games. One of 3’s launch partners. Games embedded on Vodafone handsets. Commissioned by Samsung to develop a launch game for their Tizen platform. Began Unity development in 2007.

2010s: Grew iOS and Android dev teams, specialising in niche and medical projects.

Today: Alongside running Branching Narrative with Matt Spall, I specialise in developing native-code plugins for Unity (on PC, Mac, iOS, Android, PS4, XBone and Switch), developing apps and games in JavaScript with a React/node/mongoDB/docker stack, with a good dollop of AR on the side.


• Setting up and running tech companies
• Emerging technologies & strategic technology planning
• Team building, leadership & management
• Off-site staff management
• Technical project specification, planning & management
• Contract negotiation & tendering
• Specifying coding standards and best practices


• Unity / C# (since 2007)
• Unity Native Plugins (since 2010)
• Android Java / Kotlin / C NDK Development (since 2010)
• Svn / Git / Mercurial (various)
• Windows, OSX, Linux, AWS admin
• JavaScript, Pixi, React
• iOS / Obj-C / Swift Development (since 2007)
• PHP, MySQL, nodejs, mongoDB, docker (various)
• Code optimisation (esp. for games) (since 1991)
• App Store submission